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What Kind of Payments Do You Accept?

•    Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express credit cards
•    Debit cards that feature a Visa or MasterCard logo
•    PayPal

Paypal Security for buyers:
Using PayPal can potentially be much safer than making payment by using check or credit card or bank account. Since Paypal has lot of benefits like:

  • PayPal helps keep your transactions secure by not sharing your full financial information with sellers.
  • Encryption that help keeps your online transactions guarded from start to finish.
  • Help you protect yourself from fraudulent charges against your account.</span>
  • Processing 25 currencies in over 200 markets to make sending, spending, and selling simple and secure.
  • If there’s a problem with a transaction, Paypal put a hold on the funds until the issue is resolved. We investigate and stay involved every step of the way.
PAY WITH DEBIT OR CREDIT CARD" as described below 

Paypal provides always a solution for payment with a credit / debit card for customers that has no account, simply click "Pay with Debit or Credit Card" or "Checkout Guest" as mentioned in the following image. The solution is always available.

And fill the form and be sure to click on "NO, THANKS" When asked about creating a Paypal Account. 

Now! Your order will be made successfully and you will receive a confirmation email confirming your purchase.

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